About Us

  • Ateliers Gym

    Ateliers Gym is a Unique experience and pleasure you own yourself. We are dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyle changes by offering wellness programs professionally tailored to each client. We offer unique state-of-the-art fitness facilities the first of its kind in to our members. Whether you want to lose weight, build strength or improve your stamina, we can help you to get the body and confidence you want.

    We have created an environment for everybody to exercise and feel comfortabel whatever the age, sex, shape or size. Our Ateliers Gym environment is air-conditioned and houses the best in cardiovascular, muscle tone-up & calorie burning equipments.

    We will provide an environment conductive to bettering the health of everyone. We will accept and welcome all who enter our doors!!!

  • Mr. Mouna Guru

    Managing Director

    Veteran Businessman of his times and age who had dreamt of exploring body building and spread the meaning of fitness and makes it available to everyone. He realized his dream through mentoring his son Mr. Arasu who went on to become Mr. India mutliple times. He also motivated and promoted many individuals through multiple small ventures before he started Ateliers.

  • Mr. Arasu

    Chief Fitness Adviser

    Mr. Arasu a professional bodybuilder has always had a vision of contributing to the world of fitness, he has had a vision of creating a fitness company that not only caters to the customers needs but also can help every person who is a part of this company to learn and enhance their knowledge. It was this vision that made him start Ateliers Gym.

    I always wanted to give consumers a fast, convenient and affordable workout which i think is a must if one wants to survie in this industory and i also feed that every person who works with me in Ateliers should be able to increase their learning as this is major incentive for them and helps them stay focused, since i have been in the fitness line from a very young age i am able to guide them in the technical aspects.

    Before founding Ateliers Gym, Arasu has been a part of major Indian bodybuilding federation and has contributed a lot to the federation. He won major bodybuilding events like Mr South Asia and Mr India.

    Title Won

    Indian Railways - Bronze Medal (2018)
    Mr. Asia - Bronze Medal (2018)
    Mr. World - Bronze Medal (2018)

Locate us

Ateliers is located in South Chennai. Ask for the best gym in Velachery/Sembakkam & there you find us.